July, August, September

The Frome Virtual online Art Trail took place at the start of the July with 52 artists & makers taking part. It was set up as a result of the pandemic so no doubt we could have done a few things differently!

‘Three Trees at Heaven’s Gate’

‘Ancient Routes’

Fortunately I sold two paintings prior to the Trail and one during. Ancient Routes had been spotted during the 2019 From Art Trail, and the other found in the studio while the client was visiting.

‘Ancient Routes’, Kingston Deverill

‘End of Lake/Leaf Trail’

The painting has been worked up in Guilder’s wax. It is a view of the end lake on the Stourhead NT estate. I loved the trial of autumnal leaves floating on the surface with reflections of the surrounding trees. There is another larger lake higher up too.

‘White Sheet Down’

The commission will be on it’s way to a new home in Falmouth, looking good in a walnut tray frame.

Taking photos for the painting was on a very cold January day. It was sunny and I wanted to catch the light at the end of the day. I enjoyed walking round though wore thermals, so I could concentrate on the view rather than the temperature!.

Coleford Vale


‘Coleford Vale’

August seemed to go by very quickly, although like many people we didn’t go out that often. We did visit the Abbey House gardens in Malmsbury where there are a number of sculptures coupled with an exhibition from the Cotswold Sculptors Association.

Meanwhile, after visiting a client in Coleford I agreed to paint her view from the garden. She was absolutely delighted with the final painting, and happy with the inclusion of her old dog.


Autumn is now in the air though with a sunny and warm spell to start us off.

‘Aspens by the Coly’

A small oil painting on canvas board. My parents lived near the River Coly in Colyton, Devon. An evening in summer on a walk with my dad after supper to catch the setting sun.

Every year Somerset Art Works hold their regular Art Trail with this year the turn of the studios to open. Due to Covid the event will be Digital or by appointment for those wishing to open. Along with Sarah Truscott, weaver and Viv Meadows, print maker, I will be showing a selection of paintings, drawings, prints and cards in Venue 67, Frome.

It would be lovely to see some visitors so please contact me by email for an appointment 19th September to 4th October: [email protected]