Work wise I seem to have done little recently. However, I have decided to paint a series on woodland paths this year. So now it is time to find good images to use and consider composition and colour. As usual I expect to work in a variety of media – I have one already half done in oil pastels, and am starting a small one in oils.

Alongside the woodland paths I have finished some small landscapes, and have a much larger one to complete.

Meanwhile, as Events Co-ordinator for the Frome Open Art Trail I have been encouraging artists to join in the Trail, and have invited 4 artists to exhibit with me in July. Also keeping up with updating the website for 2023.

One thing I love to do is tutoring the Frome Art Wellbeing group – for the last two sessions they worked up a landscape in oil pastels. Quite a few grumbles to start with, but by the end there was a lot of lively discussion about the pastels and their work.

Now to settle into a good stint in the studio……