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Kate Cochrane

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Time has flown past in lock-down! Meanwhile my web-site has been undergoing a welcome update so I’m now able to do a new post. Since the start of April, I have done a lot of gardening, always tempting in such fair and sunny weather, ordered plant plugs to pot up, conditioned the soil, weeded and…
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The world has changed since March with social distancing, shops closed, quiet roads and constant worrying news. To help our local artists & makers the Frome Open Art Trail will now be the Frome Virtual Art Trail to take place from 4th – 12th July. An opportunity to up IT skills, set up online galleries…
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During February I spent time helping to prepare for the Frome Open Art Trail, and there are now 71 artists ready to show their work in 29 venues in and around Frome. The event takes place during the Frome Festival in July, and the brochures are planned for the start of May. Meanwhile maps to…
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