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July, August, September

The Frome Virtual online Art Trail took place at the start of the July with 52 artists & makers taking part. It was set up as a result of the pandemic so no doubt we could have done a few things differently! ‘End of Lake/Leaf Trail’ The painting has been worked up in Guilder’s wax.…
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Half-way through June already! The garden is looking lush with new growth, many wonderful blossoms, with constant weeding and pruning to be done. The roof of my studio-in-the-garden is covered with sedum, which turned dark red in the hot weather, and is now changing to green with the recent downpours. The birds (and squirrel) love…
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Time has flown past in lock-down! Meanwhile my web-site has been undergoing a welcome update so I’m now able to do a new post. Since the start of April, I have done a lot of gardening, always tempting in such fair and sunny weather, ordered plant plugs to pot up, conditioned the soil, weeded and…
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