Trees at Stourhead

The Island at Stourhead

Oil pastel on board

The views and colours on the Stourhead estate are constantly changing, depending on the season, weather and time of day. The island on the lake has a few trees seen here in the soft hues of Spring on a clear sunlit day. This was inspired by a recent walk although I have been visiting the gardens for over 20 years on a regular basis as I live nearby.


Painting is 15.5 x 15.5cm

sold in a pale frame behind glass



Autumn Pink

Oil on board

The painting ‘Autumn Pink’ depicts one of the many gorgeous trees at Stourhead, our local National Trust Estate. I have walked there many times over the last 30 years and always find inspiration for my work. This tree is near the Gothic Cottage which my children always considered to be the Witch’s Cottage.


White tray frame

34 x 44 x 5cm



Oil on board

A stunning pink and red acacia tree showing its rich autumn colours at the National Trust Stourhead Estate, Wiltshire. The tree is next to a picturesque Gothic Cottage, which the children think of as the Witches Cottage.

I loved painting this using a wide range of reds, pinks and yellows to capture the vibrancy of the leaves in contrast with the surrounding dark greens.


Dark wood tray frame

44 x 54 cm


The Woodland Garden Next Door

Oil pastel on paper

We are fortunate to have a neighbour who planted her garden from scratch over 20 years ago. It has now grown into a small wooded haven with tall birches and an upright beech. The colours in the autumn are a delight and the trees are always busy with birds and insects. I love the contrast of the white bark against the russets and cool blues with the trailing branches of this variety of weeping birch.


46 x 34cm

Framed behind glass




38 x 46cm

Under glass with dark wood frame


Under Willows

Many of my paintings are inspired by hidden and forgotten places. At Biddulph Grange, I found an overlooked area of lake covered in a patchwork of colourful leaves floating on the surface under willow trees.

I worked the base of the painting in acrylic  adding detail with oil pastel.

Oil pastels on board

Trees at Witham Friary, Somerset

Forgotten Corner

Oil on canvas

Part of a much-loved walk round the medieval fishponds in Witham Friary. They were dug out by Carthusian monks in Witham Priory from the 12th Century.

This area of the lakes were always muddy and did have kingcups growing every year, brightening up a dank corner. The painting is from the winter showing even a dismal corner can have a bit of magical colour.



50 x 65 x 5cm

Dark wood tray frame


Monks' Path

Acrylic on paper

A walk round mediaeval fishponds constructed by Carthusian monks based at Witham Friary, Somerset. It must have been  back-breaking work to dig out the ponds, construct channels to divert the water supply, and then manage the fish stocks. The saturated colours are a nod to the blood & toil of the past.

I love dappled shade under trees which provide welcome shade for visitors and fishermen.


54 x 69 cm

Dark wood frame under glass



Oil on canvas

Part of a favourite walk, many years ago when the children were little, round the medieval fishponds at Witham Friary, and catching the trees back lit early in the morning in winter. I loved the soft light contrasting with the dark silhouette of the trees.

Painted on a black canvas adding drama and good contrast.


40 x 30 cm

Dark wood tray frame


Longleat Copse

Oil with oil pastel

A stand of trees in winter seen from a bench below Heaven’s Gate. The view is looking across Longleat Estate with the leat behind and with trees in the far distance.



25 x 31 cm

Dark wood tray frame


Shadows in the Wood

Oil on canvas

Bluebells are always a joy to paint with the range of blues, pinks and purples in the dappled shade of a spring wood.

Postlebury Wood, near Frome, is registered as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. An ancient wood first documented in the 13th Century after which it was incorporated into the Royal Forest of Selwood. Rare self-pollinating primroses grow here, along with a range of woodland flowers and plants. I have had many enjoyable walks along the woodland paths over the time I have lived in Somerset.


Rich dark blue wood frame

94 x 73 cm


Beneath the Bulbs

Oil on canvas

As a young girl I went for a walk in an ancient wood with my mother who reminisced how a friend had been so overcome by the heady sensual smell of bluebells, she’d taken off her clothes to roll about in the flowers!

On a more thoughtful note, Postlebury Wood put me in mind of what lies beneath bluebells – the rich earth busy with new life and the rotting decay of plants & insects - in contrast to the gorgeous colour and scent of bluebells.



63 x 63 x 5cm

Dark wood tray frame