The last month has been busy with painting, meeting up with friends, admin and prep for the Frome Open Art Trail.

My stay with Jackie near Falmouth was a mixture of rest and art residency. I was encouraged to take different approaches to my work, including using large pieces of lining paper and plein air sessions.

‘Woodland Floor’ using lining paper painted with emulsion, then worked on with acrylics, mud, a few leaves, and pastels.

Pastels on the painted lining paper of the headland – resting on kelp and pebbles!

I have also been outside locally – painting in my garden, on Cold Kitchen Hill, Marston Park and Pyt House garden… So these two took 3/4 hours each and will be worked on in the studio.

Meanwhile I am continuing to work on my Branches series planning to have 6 ready for the Frome Open Art Trail 3-11 July alongside a selection of paintings, prints and cards. I am at Venue 5 sharing with Kate Westcott showing her beautiful linens and wire work.