January 2020

January has started with reading the books given to me over Christmas, doing my tax return (now done), tidying the studio, catching up with admin for the Black Swan Guild and for the Frome Open Art Trail. Also meeting up with the Artists 303 group in ACEarts to discuss our next exhibition in the summer and updating my profile on their website.

January is a time of considering my direction and commitments for the next few months. Firstly I am looking forward to continuing my commission for a client in

Cranmore, unfinished Sept 2019

Canberra which is a compilation of houses with the church and village pond in Cranmore. A large canvas of 3′ x 4′ and quite a bit of detail to add to the buildings and definition to the ground and pond.

I am running a workshop for the Taunton Art Society in February on painting an illustration from a story or poem.

The next exhibition for the Guild will be in the Round Tower in Frome during May, with the theme yet to be agreed.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken a couple of walks in the late January sunshine on White Sheet Down. A friend has commissioned a painting of one of her favourite local views, so I have taken a good selection of photos for reference.

I am planning to keep up with my online galleries this year by refreshing them more often, and may consider taking a stall in an Art Fair.