Lack of Civility


Old Wardour Castle was built in the 14th century as a lightly fortified luxury residence becoming one of the most daring and innovative homes in Britain. In May 1643 Lady Blanche Arundell, was left to defend the castle after refusing a search for Royalists. After a short siege the castle was threatened with complete destruction and although surrendered, much of it was blown up a year later.

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Each image is digitally printed using archival, light-fast pigment inks on fine art pH neutral paper. Prints are professionally balanced to match the original painting in colour, tone and texture. Each print has a soft white mount and comes wrapped in cellophane. They are guaranteed to last at least 100 years under glass. Most paintings are available as reproduction prints in a choice of 3 sizes:

Small A4 (approx) or 19 x 19cm if square

Medium A3 (approx), 27 x 27 cm if square

Large A2 (approx) 35 x 35 cm if square


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