studio April 2020


Since first being able to hold a crayon I am at my happiest drawing and painting, which I do in my garden studio. My paintings are about landscape: trees, rocks, castle ruins and reflections in water.  I consider colour, light and composition and apply layers of paint and glazes.

I work in a variety of media including oils, acrylics, gouache, oil and dry pastels. My process of creating paintings, often combined with a difficult struggle to express how I feel about the subject, results in a rich tapestry of colour and texture. My hope is for the viewer to be able to sense the passion, joy and vitality of my work.

Recently I have been exploring illustrations for traditional stories including the Firebird, The Skeleton Woman and the Crescent Moon Bear using a variety of media.

Paintings have been shown at the Royal West of England Academy, The Mall, Bath Society of Arts Open, and Southampton Art Gallery. My work can be seen at the First View Gallery, Stourhead where I am one of their regular artists.

Prints and cards of paintings are available from the artist on request.